Sunday, 12 October 2014

Our Coffee House and Restaurant is currently closed...

... but we are looking forward to seeing both old and new friends at the start of next season with a new place to eat and meet. We have a few surprises in store and hope to keep you posted about our plans over the next few months. The Garden Nursery will continue to be open over the Christmas period for trees, wreaths and other festive goodies and if work progresses quickly then we hope to give you a sneak preview too. However we expect to be up and running in full from spring of 2015 so please watch this space.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Preserving Fruit Flavors in Alcohol: Homemade Liqueurs


When we discuss food preservation, we are usually talking about canning, dehydrating, freezing or fermenting. But did you know that you can also preserve fruit in alcohol, such as brandy or vodka? It is a way of preserving the flavor or essence of the fruit for later use.

This method consists of steeping fresh or frozen fruit in alcohol for several weeks. In the end, you end up with some “drunken fruit” (good as a dessert topping) and a flavorful alcohol that can be used to make dazzling cocktails, punch, deserts or sauces. But if you take it a step further and add a little sugar syrup to the mix , you now have delicious homemade liqueur! WOW!

Homemade Raspberry Liqueur: This little gem is versatile in the kitchen and so easy to make.Read More

Saturday, 25 May 2013

8 Low-Maintenance Outdoor Plants for the Busy Gardener

Keeping a garden can seem like an intimidating task. It's daunting especially for someone who is a beginner! We've rounded up eight plants that can handle tough love. So even if you don't have a green thumb, they'll still survive and thrive! Show More

Hard to kill container garden plants

Have a sunny spot on your patio, deck or porch? Need an accent for a bright spot in your garden? These five plants are hard to kill and will thrive in container gardens in full sun. They are also lovely and common enough to possibly find in your supermarket. However, just because they're common doesn't mean you can't make them look spectacular with the right container.

1. Calibrachoa or Million Bells

If I could only pick one container garden plant to grow (though I shudder to think of that), it would probably be calibrachoa, also known as million bells. This plant comes in about a million spectacular colors that range from pure white to different shades of pink to deep purple.

Calibrachoa look great in almost any container garden. The prolific blossoms attract hummingbirds and butterflies and will go strong all summer with regular feeding.

Calibrachoas don't need deadheading but they do need consistent watering and good drainage - no soggy roots for these guys.

You can't go wrong with million bells in almost any container. Read More

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